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Lucalito is an exercise in creative and personal expression. Or something like that.

What began as a “create in public” project by Luca Cusolito during the Pandemic has transformed into a platform for exploring various mediums and ideas.


The goal of Lucalito has been to share Luca‘s latest experiments and digital projects beyond her main channel, Creative Enabler.

Xennial Life // Tacos // Digital Revolution

Lucalito shares personal antidotes and ongoing challenges from daily life, including but not limited to:

  • Swedish Death Cleaning
  • Xennial Life After 40
  • Career as a Content Creator
  • Creative Business Life
  • Creating In Public
  • Petite Fashion
  • Collecting Depression Glass
  • Monetizing Mom
  • Starting Up New Ideas
  • Archie the Cat That Fetches
  • Enabling Creatives

Luca Cusolito has been creating on the web since the days of dial-up Internet. You can learn more about the professional stuff here.

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